Specialised Kinesiology Balances

Spesialised Kinesiology: Balance the Physical, Mental & Emotional Energetically using different Kinesiological Modalities, i.e. Neural Organization Technique, Neuro Training, Emotional Kinesiology, Touch For Health, Integrative NeuroGastroEnterology, Learn 2 Learn & Jaw R.E.S.E.T. Enhance your sporting, learning and work performance. Click here to find out more

Willow Natural Supplements, Minerals & Herbal Remedies

Willow Natural Products & Supplements: A wide range of Herbals / Minerals / Vitamins / Homeopathics & Essential Oils in Capsules / Tinctures / Powders / Softgels & Creams.

Willow / Lotus Classical Chinese Medicine Herbal Remedies

Willow Classical Chinese Herbal Formulas: A new range of Herbal products based on Classical Chinese Medicine formulae

AllisOne Biochemic Mineral Tissue Salts

AllisOne Tissue Salts: The full range of Biochemical TissueSalts #1 to #12 and Synergy Combinations.

Facial Signs Analysis for Biochemical Mineral Deficiencies

Facial Analysis: Determining mineral shortages in the body by analysing facial signs and features and correcting the deficits by using AllisOne Tissue Salts.   

Weight Loss Program:  Natural Weight Loss products on their own or in combination with Specialised Kinesiology is extremely effective.

Allergy / Sensitivity & Supplement Testing

Allergies and Sensitivities & Supplement Testing: Using Kinesiology to determine allergies or chemical sensitivities, as well as testing your current supplements to see if the body is actually absorbing and using the nutrients.