KinesiologyWhat is Specialised Kinesiology?

I get asked that question a lot. Everybody always answers "Oh, yes" when I tell them I am a Spesialised Kinesiologist, but most have no clue what that means. Easy to explain, difficult to grasp, yet simple and powerful in how it works with phenomenal results! The word kinesiology is defined as the 'study of the mechanics of body movements'. That is what we do, but it is only the mechanism we use to get an answer. The answer can be a simple Yes / No, a Positive / Negative, any answer where there is a clear cut difference between the possible answers. But that is not where it stops. We also use this biofeedback mechanism to sift through lists of information to pinpoint information pertinent to a spesific stressor.

Specialised Kinesiology is not just one thing. It has a long history based in science, Eastern medicine, Applied Kinesiology and Chiropractic.

It's a combination of the proven principles of Psychology, Psychiatry, Physiology, Neuroscience, Homeopathy, Chiropractic and Traditional as well as Classical Chinese Medicine. Now combine these scientific principles with the muscle biofeedback mechanism developed by Applied Kinesiology and voilà, you have a super efficient system that is capable of finding and diffusing unresolved stress reactions and patterns. This is not your common or garden pressure at work type stress at work here. I am referring to stress reactions throughout your entire life, even some before you were born!

Our health and wellbeing is the target for such stressors. It can cause nutritional issues, central nervous system disorders, hormonal dysfunction, wreak havoc with your emotions as well as physical symptoms of illness to name but a few. Every time our brain reacts to a stressor, albeit physical, mental or emotional in nature, the response of the body is always the same - stress hormones like Cortisol, Norepinephrine, Adrenaline and Oxytocin are released into the blood stream. This initiates the Fight or Flight response, having a massive domino effect in our bodies and how the brain reacts in that particular situation. In effect the brain loses it's ability to distinguish between appropriate options available in dealing with a stressful situation. The primal left rear brain kicks into action, playing out ancestral and learned patterns of behavior.

In the coming weeks and months I will attempt to elaborate on everything I mentioned here. I will also focus on individual case studies and use stories to help you understand the 'why, what, where and how' we do certain things and reacting in certain ways when confronted with the abnormal.

The endgame is to return to your true self, not the tightly wound ball of stress that we perceive to be "normal". Let me be your guide and rediscover your true purpose.